Whether your dog's body language suggests anxiety or excitement, how you respond helps shape what happens next.

Dog coaching rooted in relationship

Canines and humans have co-evolved as species. Together, dogs and humans can bring out the best in each other.

Of course, this sometimes takes skill and practice, as well as curiosity and kindness. With dogs who have behavioural issues or traumatic pasts, there's often a lot of hard work, and frustration and fear, as well as joy. Mason Small, founder of Co-Evolved Canine, has been working with dogs and their families for almost twenty years.

Mason's positive coaching helps you create the kind of canine companionship you want, and become the caretaker your dog deserves. 

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Puppy Raising:
All Paws Up!

Puppies can be both exhilarating and exhausting! Build a close connection with your pup, along with solid behaviour skills, and troubleshoot puppy behaviours in ways that build trust.

Nine Minute Wonder:
The Fundamentals

Learn to 'speak dog' (especially your own dog's particular dialect), build great foundational behaviours, and develop a trusting and resilient relationship. All in 9 minutes of practice a day.

A Room of One's Own

Separation Issues: When the "little heartbeat at your feet" doesn't want you to walk out the door, life gets very tough, very quickly — for you both.  Get supportive coaching and a detailed plan.

We Need to Walk

Loose leash walking can be a skill unto itself. If you dread picking up the leash because your dog gets over excited, reactive, or stalls a lot, "We Need to Walk" is for you.

Ready, Rescue, Go

When we adopt dogs with unknown histories, they bring us gifts, challenges, and surprises! Learn to help your new dog feel safe, and get expert coaching on common adjustment issues.

Fear Not

Photo credit: Stephanus Aprilianto/Unsplash

When our dogs develop (or arrive with) fears and phobias, it can be baffling and unsettling. And it's surprisingly common! We provide protocols to address specific fears.

Relationship Tune-up

Individually tailored coaching just for you! Maybe you want more connection with your dog, or you and your dog are recovering from a difficult experience. A tune-up can help anyone who thinks 'we could do better'.

Close Calls

To avoid 'close calls' with your dog, you need an automatic and infallible response to your "come" cue. There's nothing more satisfying than a 'rocket' recall!


Book a free 20 minute introductory telephone chat to
discuss a specific program or any other issue. Mason
looks forward to learning more about you and your dog!



Co-evolved Canine is committed to social justice and the principle of equity. We provide sliding scale payment plans for clients in need, especially those from Black, Indigenous and other racialized communities, LGTBQ2S+, people with disabilities and the underemployed.


Mason was everything we could have asked for, and more, when adopting a new pup! She came highly recommended, and as soon as we met her, we understood why. Mason not only comes in with a WEALTH of knowledge that teaches you (and your pup) from day 1, but she has such a genuine passion and love for each dog individually. 

- Lauren, caretaker & companion to Atticus