Notley is being cued to tap my foot with her paw, and she she is just a bit off-target. I reinforce her anyway: good try Nots!


For dogs 18 months and older

Welcome to working with an adult dog! Fundamentals is designed for first-time learners, or for anyone looking to refresh foundation skills and improve communication with their dog.

Dogs are sponges, ripe for learning and relationship-building at any age — given the right set-up.

In each session you and your dog learn specific behaviours, organized around one core concept about dog-human interaction.

Learn essential takeaways to be applied in a wide variety of real life circumstances.

Depending on your dog's past experiences, relationship repair may be required — it might take you a little longer to build trust and engagement, along with needed behaviours.

With a commitment of 9 minutes a day you can build reliable behaviour and a rock solid relationship.

Nine-Minute Wonder:
The Fundamentals

In person or live on-line coaching
5 session package of 1:1 coaching includes

  • one intake/consult session, usually via Zoom or FaceTime
  • four 60 minute coaching sessions with Q & A
  • four email exchanges or telephone/zoom consult calls (15 minutes)

$389 + HST

Begin building trust and resilience with your dog today.


Topics covered include

  • sit, lie down, stand, wait, touch, trade, look
  • go to bed/ rest/ settle
  • dog parks, other play/ enrichment forums
  • loose leash walking (equipment, skills)
  • vet visits, handling, and home health hygiene
  • getting great recall
  • working with fear and/or overexcitement
  • troubleshooting unwanted behaviour

Q & A

What's the most important thing you can teach your dog?

You might think the most important thing for your dog to learn is safety behaviour, like an emergency 'stop' or 'come'. But for healthy companionship, the most important thing we can do is create mutual feelings of safety and contentment.

How you learn with your dog is as important as what you teach them.

What's the most common mistake people make when training their dog?

It's tough to pick just one! There are many, from harshness, to repetitive nagging, to taking a 'one size fits all' approach.

From your dog's perspective, every interaction with you is a learning experience.

That's why we emphasize core concepts of dog-human interactions: to help you foster your dog's everyday learning.

It might be best NOT to practice 'down stay' on the kitchen table!

What is relationship-based dog training?

Relationship-based training means different things to different dog professionals. In simplified terms, traditional positive reinforcement dog trainers teach clients to see dogs as learners to be taught behaviours using positive reinforcement.

Most relationship-based trainers also use positive reinforcement, but put more emphasis on the reciprocal nature of the learning process between human and dog. More focus is given to building attunement and attachment.

There's a lot of overlap amongst trainers, and labels might not be the best basis for selection.

Instead, talk to us.

Take advantage of the free consults most of us offer!

Mason’s dog training approach is humane and dog-centric, clearly the product of someone who loves dogs! Mason’s sessions are interactive, very hands-on, and fun. Additionally, the strategies provided suited our family and helped set us up for success. Mason also sent us extensive notes after every session that detailed points discussed and strategies to work on. Finally, we appreciated how generous Mason was with her time during home visits. Scout continues to wag her tail like crazy when Mason comes near. That’s the best endorsement there is!

- Celina, caretaker & companion to Scout