Puppy Raising:
All Paws Up!

Puppies can be both exhilarating and exhausting! Build a close connection with your pup, along with solid behaviour skills. Learn what to teach them first, and to troubleshoot puppy behaviours in ways that build trust.

Nine Minute Wonder: The Fundamentals

Dogs are incredible learners! Learn to 'speak dog' (especially your own dog's particular dialect), build great foundational behaviours, and develop a trusting and resilient relationship. All in 9 minutes of practice a day.

A Room of One's Own: Separation Issues

When the "little heartbeat at your feet" doesn't want you to walk out the door, life gets very tough, very quickly — for you both.  Get supportive coaching and a detailed plan.

We Need to Walk

Sometimes loose leash walking is a skill unto itself! If you dread picking up the leash because your dog gets over excited, reactive, or stalls a lot, or if you just want a more relaxing saunter with your dog, "We Need to Walk" is for you.

Ready, Rescue, Go

When we adopt dogs with unknown histories, they bring us gifts, challenges, and surprises! Learn to help your new dog feel safe, and get expert coaching on common adjustment issues.

Fear Not

Photo credit: Stephanus Aprilianto/Unsplash

When our dogs develop (or arrive with) fears and phobias, it can be baffling and unsettling. And it's surprisingly common! We provide protocols to address specific fears, along with reassurance and support for your dog and for you.

Relationship Tune-up

Individually tailored coaching just for you! Maybe you're a neophyte who wants more connection with your dog, or you and your dog are recovering from a difficult experience. For anyone who thinks "it could be better" but isn't sure how, a tune-up can help.

Close Calls

To avoid 'close calls' with your dog, you need an automatic and infallible response to your "come" cue. From both a relational and a practical perspective, there's nothing more satisfying than a 'rocket' recall!

Mason is nothing short of a pleasure to work with! Her knowledge, patience, and friendliness have been incredibly helpful in training and even learning about our rescue dog, Razzie. Before starting with Mason, Razzie was quite reactive to other dogs, even just walking past them, and not great at loose leash walking. After a couple of Zoom meetings and an in-person training session we can confidently say that Razzie is not the same dog we started with 4 months ago! With Mason's constant check-ins and more personalized tips as our dog's behaviour adjusts and develops, we are set up for long term success. We can't recommend Mason enough and are looking forward to continuing our training journey with her!

- Steph and Ethan, caretakers and companions to Razzie