Some of our scariest and most frustrating moments occur when our recall cue fails with our dog in a potentially dangerous situation. 

It can be tough to translate success in training into great recalls in real life.

This is where 1:1 coaching and individual attention can make a huge difference. We develop strategies that work with your dog, in your specific context.

Close Calls

In person or live on-line coaching
3 session package of 1:1 coaching includes

  • one intake/consult session, usually via Zoom or FaceTime
  • two 60 minute coaching sessions with Q & A
  • two email exchanges or telephone/zoom consult calls

$279 + HST


Topics covered include

  • Choreographing 'come' in everyday life
  • Key concepts of recall: Testing, Towards/Away, Catch & Release
  • Repairing your recall rapport
  • How to manage your dog until your recall is 100%

Turn your dog into a homing pigeon!

Take our Recall Quiz Challenge

True or False

1) It's best to stand near your dog and move towards them as you're calling them.

2) Don't use your dog's name when you call them, because if they hear it too often they are more likely to ignore you.

3) Only call your dog when you really need them to come, so they will understand the importance of the cue.

4) Always be clearly visible to your dog when you call them.

Congratulations for taking the test!

Recalls when there's a squirrel in the mix can be a challenge!

Answers: ALL are false.*  If you're having trouble getting your dog to come to you, understanding the concepts and learning recall games will help, so contact us.
* All are false in general terms, but keep in mind that every dog is an individual, and that every dog has different relationships with their human companions!

Mason gives clear directions on how to give cues and train your dog effectively. She always has a positive attitude which is great when dealing with sensitive or hyperactive dogs. Mason is incredibly knowledgeable and fun to work with!

- Lucy Brown, caretaker & companion to Opie