Philosophy and Methods

There are a myriad of excellent dog professionals, be they in Toronto, or available online.

You need to find the professional that is the best fit for you.

Some urge you to "Be the pack leader", others to "Always put the dog first". Some see human/dog relationships only through the lens of applied behaviour science.

At Co-Evolved Canine, the relationship between you and your dog comes first.

You and your dog are connected, and not just by a leash. You are rooted together in a shared environment, behaviours, feelings, habits, resources and energies - all elements necessary for healthy growth.

Most of us get dogs for companionship. By working to bring out the best in our dogs, we discover that they bring out the best in us.

If you are open to this perspective, then Co-Evolved Canine is a great fit for you and your dog!

With this philosophy in mind, our coaching is designed to help you

  • feel supported and respected in your learning with your dog
  • use positive reinforcement to teach fundamental skills to your dog for real-world daily life
  • learn key concepts that will save you and your dog from conflict and confusion
  • grow in appreciation of, and have fun with, your four-legged wonder!
  • get great resources and referrals, should you need them

More about Mason

Mason began as a dog walker in Toronto's Annex & Seaton Village, and more recently has been coaching/training in the wider Toronto area. She lives with her three dogs, McCracken, Notley and Pushkin, and her two cats, Zelda and Hadley. 

Mason has been working with families and their pets for almost twenty years.

Most of her work has been with Doodles and Rescues and their families. Her own mixed breed dogs have taught her much about retrievers and herders, toy dogs and terriers. And about the joys and challenges of a whole slew of behaviour issues!  

Currently Mason volunteers as a behaviour coach with LINK/Safepet Toronto, an organization that fosters pets from situations of domestic violence while their human family/survivors seek safety and stable housing.

Mason has taken courses with a number of dog training institutions, and continues to immerse herself in canine behaviour education. Her current affiliations include:

International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants, supporting member
International School for Canine Psychology and Behaviour, currently enrolled
Pet Harmony Animal Behaviour and Training, Pro Campus, current member

Animal Training Academy, past member
Fenzi Dog Sports Academy and Tromplo, several webinars and courses completed



Before working with dogs, Mason organized in the women's, anti-racist, LGBTQ2S+, and anti-poverty movements. Her work as a social justice activist has given her deep appreciation for the human end of the leash. Co-evolved Canine provides sliding scale payment plans for clients in need, especially those from Black, Indigenous and other racialized communities, LGBTQ2S+ communities,  people with disabilities and the underemployed. 


Mason and I have had many spirited conversations about how to de-anthropomorphize dog behaviour. I love hearing her decode certain ways our dog acts. She’s great at unlocking the puzzle. But most of all, her love of all things dog is truly infectious. The biggest testimonial comes from our dog Hazel. She goes NUTS every time we see Mason. Of course, in a well-behaved way. 

- Joel, caretaker and companion to Hazel